How two nurses living a world apart are united in care

“I didn’t actually know what I am going to go through today! I didn’t know who am I going to see, what I am going to talk about. So, it was a bit of excitement and at the same time a bit of nervousness”, Gulshen confesses.

Gulshen, Nurse in Charge at Fresenius Medical Care’s PDT Taiping Dialysis Center in Malaysia is chatting to Nadia, Clinic Manager at Fresenius Medical Care’s Grimsby Dialysis Center in the United Kingdom, in the lead-up to International Nurses Day. The two nurses, who have never met before and know nothing about each other, are meeting for the first time on a virtual ‘blind date’ to exchange stories about their lives and chosen profession.

We are immensely proud of our nurses and care teams, and everything they bring to their profession, working together to ensure their patients are always at the center of the skilled and compassionate care they provide.

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